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Great action video game sequel

This is a fantastic sequel to the first two versions and is said to be the final instalment. It has similar gameplay to the originals with a few new features, such as the character Kizuna Rush, who can summon another character to fight along-side him, making finishing attacks more powerful.

Defeat the most dangerous pirates and become victor

Each of the characters in this action adventure game, possess their own special powers which can do different things, such as causing barrages of magma or throwing cannonballs or powers that can compromise enemy capabilities. The enemies are also able to unleash their own sets of powers, such as stun attacks. There’s also a special state known as Overdrive, that heroes can only use, once the character, Kizuna Rush has been activated. Special coins must be collected, before some of these powers can be activated. In the main story mode, known as Legend Log mode, there are special cut scenes called Treasure Events, which can only be activated under special conditions. There’s also a Dream Log mode, where you will experience semi-randomised battles and unlock characters and items as you progress through the level. After this, you will face a more difficult level known as Nightmare Log.

A fun pirate adventure game with depth of gameplay

There is a Legend Diary, that indicates your progress though the game. This is necessary, because of the complexity of gameplay. It is true to the source material that the game is based on. The unique fighting style make it an enjoyable experience.


  • A multitude of great characters.
  • Great story line.


  • Controller issues.
  • Graphics can lock-up.

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One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 for PC

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